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When was Apple founded and when did Apple manufacture the first commercial computer? Where Apple has become one of the most important and best companies in the field of American electronics and global information technology, so we explain to you through this topic when Apple was founded through the Money Makers website .

When was Apple founded?

Apple has been established since 1976 and this is the answer to the question when Apple was founded. This was done by both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. After 1980, that company began to develop in the world of computers and electronics, after making the first computer in 1981 AD, Where it was called the Macintosh.

As the demand for that computer increased and its sales expanded until 1989, and since that period, Apple's products began to develop, as it expanded in the world of electronic devices and mobile phones, an impressive expansion.

Also, in 1999, the company worked on manufacturing a specialized system that was called in that period the SX system, a specialized operating system that works on Macintosh computers, so the system played a key role in the demand for the purchase of that computer, and then increased sales and profit return on the company.

After that, the company developed again in 2003, when it released the iTunes program, which is a program specialized in displaying media files such as: music, movies, photos, and others.

Also, in 2007, the company developed significantly and differently, as the American company worked on the manufacture of mobile devices, in addition to its previous development, which is the manufacture of laptop computers.

All of these developments have increased sales, and then increased capital, and profit for the company, and that continuous development to this day has made Apple one of the strongest and best ten international companies competing in the field of computers and mobile devices globally, and the efficiency and quality of its devices are high. One of the most important reasons too.

Information about Apple

Apple is one of the largest and most important global specialized American companies in the fields of computers, mobile phones and electronics in general, since it was founded in 1976 AD.

  • It is a multinational company.
  • It is considered one of the most important factors in the prosperity of the economy in America in the world.
  • It was the beginning of the release of computers from the well-known Apple brand during the years between 1981-1885.
  • It specializes in working in the fields of manufacturing, developing and designing electronics and computer software, in addition to advanced mobile phones, as previously mentioned, and it was called in English as Apple Computer.Inc.
  • In 2007, the company expanded in that field and took the decision to manufacture portable computers, which are now called laptops.
  • It is the only company that can have around 35,000 employees worldwide.
  • Apple's factory ranks as the third largest factory in the world for the manufacture of mobile phones, computers and electronics in general, after Samsung in South Korea and Nokia in Finland.
  • Apple has more than 420 branches, mostly in America, and has about 20 stores in Asia, and about 40 other branches in Britain, as the rest of the branches are spread in Europe.
  • The head office of the company is located in California.

Apple logo

The logo of the eaten apple must be one of the most popular logos around the world, and this symbol came to indicate that something must be characterized by imperfection, no matter how many possibilities it has. It fell on Newton, and others say that it is a symbol of the appearance of humans on earth after eating from the forbidden tree. It is said that Jobs derived this symbol from his belief that the apple is the most perfect fruit and for its apparent beauty.

However, despite this ambiguity about the logo, the sign of the missing apple has become something that everyone interested in technology seeks, and this symbol in itself is enough to pay a person huge sums of money while smiling.

Apple products

As it is known that Apple has many products, including:

Macintosh: It is the first device that Apple released and it is easy to handle.

I Mac: It is a computer that processes computer data, and is characterized by its great speed in this process. It was manufactured by Steve Jobs when he returned to the company, where it was established to be in the form of an egg, and it is distinguished by its unparalleled price. High.

I Pod: In 2001 AD, and behind this product, the company made fabulous profits, and it is a device for playing MP3 music, and there are several types of it: iPod classic, iPod nano and iPod shuffle, and the company has also developed that device In 2007, it made this development to make it easier, by making it usable by touch.

I Tunes: It is a program that converts music into an embedded digital format called (MP3).

iPhone: The iPhone is one of the most important products of the well-known Apple company, as it is one of the most important smartphone devices around the world, which works with a global system, which is a quad-band GSM, and it also works with the iOS system, which is called Ali Miniature model of the Maxx system.

Apple ITV: It is a video device released by Apple, which plays iTunes content and TV content in high definition, by connecting the device to the TV, and then recording through the Internet.

Apple's property

After we explained when Apple was founded, we mention that the company was not only satisfied with profits, it has other expansions, as the company’s goal from the beginning was to expand globally, and it was able to achieve this, as it was able to control a group of the most important and prominent applications and international companies, whose work is based on Increasing the economic efficiency of the company globally, and in the following we will get acquainted with the most important of those applications that Apple was able to control:


It works on all types of devices, including: PCs, mobile phones and smart phones.

Through this application, the user can select music, whether from movies, TV shows, or advertisements, by playing a short clip of the music to be selected using the microphone on the used device.


It became one of the applications of Apple, where the company managed to own it in 2002, by paying an amount of 30 million dollars, and it is dedicated to working with programs for digital audio stations.

Beats Electronics

It is one of the companies that became a subsidiary of Apple, as the company is headquartered in Culver City, California, in the United States of America, which produces audio products. The company was founded by music producer Dr. Dre and rapper Ivy Jimmy.

Next Next

It is an American computer company that has become a subsidiary of Apple, with its headquarters in California, and has developed and manufactured a series of computer terminals traded in the business and education markets.


It is a company specialized in the field of 3D sensors, and it is one of the technologies used in computers, televisions, and mobile devices, and it has been acquired by Apple.


It is an application from the applications that became affiliated with Apple, where you use the native language to answer questions, and perform some actions through the available Internet services.

Founder of Apple

Stephen Paul Jobs is considered one of the best and most important inventors in the field of electronics and technology, as he is not only an inventor, but an American designer and entrepreneur, and the co-founder, CEO and President of Apple, as well as the former CEO of Pixar.

When Steve Jobs returned to the Silicon Valley region, and he met a friend of his named Steven Wozniak, and told him about the progress he had made in the field of designs encouraged him to cooperate with him, and from here he started the founding of Apple in 1974 AD, both of which are credited with popularizing technology, facilitating its mobility and use daily easily.

His achievements in computers He has contributed to many things related to computer science, including: the emergence of the iPod, iPad, iTunes and iPhone, and he is a co-inventor of 342 US patents related to computers and portable devices.

The relationship between Apple and IBM

IBM is an American company that was established in 1911 AD, which specializes in working in the field of information and computer technology, with its headquarters located in New York, in the United States of America.

IBM is also one of the most important technology companies dealing with Apple, as the partnership between Apple and IBM is working to solve the problem of differences in Apple devices and the applications used, through the development of many systems such as the PowerPc system, as well as Taligent.

This development is done in order to reach the best solutions to solve this problem while giving users more flexibility in use, reducing costs used, while increasing efficiency in daily business operations.

In addition to working to provide the required protection for information and applications used on computers and mobile devices, IBM is developing a specialized information security system on Apple's systems, the IOS system.

Apple's marketing strategy

Since Apple was founded, the company has worked on searching for multiple and diverse marketing strategies, as it relied on a set of important strategies and rules: (remarkable excellence, continuous development, work on innovation and scientific progress).

Apple made a computer called the Apple Commodore, which achieved huge sales as soon as it hit the market. As a result, there was an increase in capital and profit for the company, due to its colorful graphics based on photovoltaic cells. This happened as a result of Apple following the marketing strategy technology and agreed upon rules.

Where the American company Apple in marketing its products relied on many important specifications, the most important of which are durability and technological strength, and was interested in determining the ideal price for the buyer, appropriate in the country of manufacture, and Apple continued to produce products based on excellent marketing plans based on development, quality and efficiency in the manufacture and development of systems Related to digital audio.

Apple employees

When was Apple founded, it is the date of happiness for thousands of employees working in this institution, the company has hired more than 75,000 people all over the world, and most of Apple’s employees are residing in the United States of America, because there are more than 420 branches in America.

The company also has several branches all over the world, but the company requires the employee not to combine this job with any other job. We recall that the number of employees working in 2015 in the American company Apple reached about 115,000 employees, and one of the most important employees in Apple is ( Mike Marciola) is the third employee in Apple's history since its founding.

Mike Marciola was working as an engineer at Apple in addition to his main and important role in establishing Apple as a company, and then he was able to design regulations, enforce laws, develop different methods of training, and open multiple bank accounts, he was appointed as the first CEO of Apple.

Where he developed and transformed it from just an idea and a small project to the largest, most important and best company of the ten major companies in the field of information technology and electronics in general, and the employee (Bill Fernandez) is the fourth employee in the history of Apple, as he had a role in meeting Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Bill Fernandez was Steve Wozniak's neighbor, and he was also Steve Jobs' high school classmate.

Apple's philosophy

In continuation to the topic of when Apple was founded, which is 1976, we mention that in this year a company of influential importance in the whole world has arisen until today, in addition to the high marketing value of Apple products, as it is the first company whose market value exceeds a trillion dollars worldwide.

Apple relies on the policy that the manufacturers of products are the ones who use them, that is, the engineers who manufacture the company's products are the ones who make them themselves and for themselves, by putting the manufacturer himself in the place of the consumer; To be able to know their own ideas and what consumers really need, and as a result the company produces products that suit consumers and meet their requirements.

That is, it is not just marketing products that attract consumers to enjoy new and modern technologies, this is what makes the task of keeping things easy and flexible to use a task that is difficult to achieve, despite this, however, Apple is able to understand such technologies correctly and perfectly.

Apple is also able to succeed in making the manufactured product more flexible to use for the consumer, no matter how many complex technologies the product may contain.