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Activity Code In The Commercial Register

The symbol of the activity in the commercial register, as we present it today, as many are ignorant of the symbols that relate to the nature of various commercial activities, and we will discuss them in detail through the money makers website  during our article.

We will also clarify the obligation of the merchant towards the content of the activity concluded in the commercial registry, so as not to fall under the law.

Activity code in the commercial register

There are many codes according to the nature of the activity being practiced, and each code requires the merchant to abide by a specific activity content. We review the activity code in the commercial register as follows:

Activity Code (501111)

This symbol represents the commercial activity of food retailers in general.

Food products include “flour, milk, fresh fruits, vegetables, canned drinks such as tea, coffee, Nescafe, Sahlab, and others, sweets for children, oils and fats, and frozen meat, fish and poultry.”

It includes all supermarket products for various household necessities, in addition to household necessities and cleaning materials such as soap, shampoo, etc., and all cosmetics.

Activity Code (154303)

One of the symbols related to the industry, in particular the halva industry.

Where the activity is carried out by selecting the sesame seeds and roasting and preparing them to obtain the final product for the consumer.

Activity Code (501106)

One of the symbols expressing the practice of retailing green legumes as well as dry legumes in what is called “forage”.

It is represented in the sale of parsley, mint, dill, celery, etc., which refers to retail sale through bundles.

And varied dry legumes such as cowpea and kidney beans, as well as freekeh and others.

Activity Code (501110)

The symbol indicates the retail sale of peeled and pickled vegetables seasoned with salt.

It includes all foods that are subject to pickling from various vegetables.

As for the materials concerned, it means putting a quantity of sulfurated or salted water, with the addition of some preservatives to it, such as pickled materials “olive, onions, carrots, cucumbers and others.”

In addition to the possibility of selling dairy products or dry fruits.

Activity Code (501112)

This symbol refers to the retail sale of general food practice on offer.

The food includes “flour, canned food, honey, spices, various drinks, candles, electric batteries, toys, baby bottles, as well as hygiene items.

Activity Code (501114)

Of the symbols that refer to dealers in tobacco kiosks.

It is represented in all types of tobacco, including “smoking tobacco, inhaled tobacco, and chewing tobacco.”

In addition to related items such as matches, lighters and all smoking paraphernalia, as well as dealing in magazines and correspondence media.

In addition to the activity, dealing in postage stamps and various shipping cards. The person also engages in the sale of some cosmetics and children's sweets.

Other codes for activities in the commercial register

To complement our presentation of the activity code in the commercial register, we explain the rest of the codes as follows:

Activity Code (501201)

This symbol refers to the retail trade of both jewelry and watches.

The activity includes the sale of gold, silver, platinum or gemstone works, and all pieces of artistic design and precious shapes.

The activity also includes the sale of pottery or ceramic utensils, or technical tools for household purposes, and accessories for watches such as bracelets or hands.

In addition to the above, the sale of measuring devices such as barometers, aronometers, compasses, recorders, wall clocks, and finally all timers.

Activity Code (511017)

This symbol crosses into the opening of a scientific office.

Where the scientific office is defined as that site that a pharmaceutical company supervises its establishment for the purpose of marketing its medical products.

It also includes all advertising activities for the services provided, the new products and the ease of access from the distributor to the customer, in addition to the promotional services.

It means that there is no commercial dealings such as selling, importing or storing within the country, but it is only limited to the promotional role.

Activity Code (741431)

Expresses the establishment of an advisory radiological diagnostic center.

In addition, he refers to the provision of a service system that is keen to provide consultations and feasibility studies regarding the radiology department for all specialized medical centers.

The center also provides suggestions for displaying the appropriate devices, while determining the center's management in a manner that represents a high efficiency, in addition to the ability to exchange and store digital rays.

Activity Code (924917)

It means all activities related to organizing camping and outdoor trips.

It expresses both the trips that include camping by land or sea from an icy or beach area, and within its scope are tents, carts and umbrellas, and also includes health facilities, barbecue stoves, air conditioning and lighting devices.

Activity Code (29-1549)

This code includes everything related to the dietary supplement industry.

The scope of activity includes all food preparations classified as a food and not for medicinal purposes.

And that the main goal of eating them is to supplement the diet in a healthy and sound manner, whether because of not getting enough for the body or perhaps the diet lacking them.

It also includes all vitamins, minerals, nutrients, fibres, acids, amino acids as well as fatty and all the tonics prepared in laboratories by honey or herbs.

Activity Code (16-9309)

This symbol represents the installation of vehicle number plates.

It includes practicing the activity in any of the establishments that install license plates for cars and whose headquarters are located next to the places designated for issuing car licenses.

Activity Code (03-6309)

This code includes all services of airlines.

This means coordination between all concerned parties, including airlines, financiers and providers of the services they need, in addition to the fuel supply service.

The activity includes providing ground services at the airport, as well as obtaining an aircraft landing permit.

Activity Code (15-5190)

This symbol refers to the trade in rescue equipment and equipment.

The activity relies on recycling equipment by selling equipment that has been used to save people again.

Ships may be subjected to sinking, and what constitutes a lifeline for passengers is such equipment as “jackets, collars, lifeboats.”

Where the devices emit a set of signals such as “lights, smoke, missile umbrellas” in order to identify and determine their locations, and thus save the passenger load.

Activity Code (09-5010)

One of the symbols that expresses the trade in a specific type of cars is the classic cars.

The content of the activity is represented in the sale of traditional cars of high-end design, rare in existence, with specially prepared specifications, and with high production cost.

Therefore, many factors determine the classification of the car as conventional or otherwise, including “preserving the original car chassis, as well as the engine and all luxury accessories, in addition to the brakes, lubrication, gearing, and others.”

Activity Code (10-5010)

The symbol represents the trade in used cars for export purposes.

It includes practicing the activity with establishments that deal with all types of used cars for export purposes only.

The commercial system does not allow the merchant to open a shop to sell used cars in general to the public and is limited to indirect transactions.

Activity Code (519016)

Of the symbols that refer to the practice of wholesale trade in general.

It includes dealing through commercial establishments of various types to practice the wholesale sale of all goods and items, targeting both “industrial, professional and commercial entities, in addition to retailers.”

Where the system allows the practice of their commercial activities related to the wholesale trade within the warehouse places on a limited basis.

Activity Code (70-7499)

The symbol represents the activity that deals with authentication services for documents as well as certificates.

Therefore, we find the dealers of that activity reviewing some of the official bodies, including official departments, embassies and other bodies, on behalf of the beneficiary institutions and individuals.

The activity allows documenting certificates and documents for conducting commercial transactions, and these papers also include work contracts, academic degrees, and so on.

Activity Code (04-9232)

This symbol represents the transaction in the Wax Museum.

This is because the symbol requires the commitment of those responsible for that work to embody the characters through the waxy substance, for famous personalities at the historical and global levels.

Taking into account not to prejudice the Islamic symbols and personalities throughout the ages that are closely related to the faith, in order to avoid the presence of any temptation.

While the applicable system requires obtaining prior approval in order to embody national symbols.

Activity Code (24-7422)

This symbol represents the services for environmental control inspection as well as the various site inspections.

The activity is divided in terms of taking samples and conducting laboratory analyzes. It also includes the control system on all the elements subject to the ecosystem from “water, soil, air, polluted fumes and others.

Activity Code (71-7499)

This symbol represents the activity of the Real Estate Services Trustee.

It includes all the services provided to support the real estate system through the electronic system, which is provided by the property and land system.

Where the system includes the ability to register rental contracts, and all services to register any of the real estate courses, in accordance with the legal system in force for each service separately.

Activity Code (741432)

The code includes the activity concerned with project management.

As the content of the activity is related to all establishments specialized in managing and organizing projects of all kinds and specializations, from the beginning until the completion of the project's procedures.

This applies to both “organizing, motivating, planning, controlling resources” for the purpose of reaching the purposes targeted by the project.

Activity Code (924149)

This symbol stands for sports mediation.

The activity depends on the practice of accredited facilities affiliated to local or international bodies as one of the intermediaries for football players and clubs, to obtain distinguished deals from loaning or transferring between clubs.

It also includes looking after the interests of the players and presenting them to the sports authorities at the local and international levels.

Activity Code (749404)

This stands for aerial photography activity.

It includes all the facilities that provide various aerial photography service from satellite data and imaging, and finally the preparation of studies and reports related to the atmosphere.

Activity Code (292908)

The symbol refers to the service concerned with providing the distinctive tourist card known as the smart.

While the tourist card allows its holder free access to all the tourist facilities he desires, provided that he mentions the purchased card, which is divided into apartments, hotels, excursions, and others.

Activity Code (514948)

This symbol expresses the trade in textile and fabric waste, while it refers to the recycling of products again for their use.

Activity Code (514949)

The symbol refers to the trade of waste in addition to glass waste, where the activity is to recycle and sell glass waste.

Codes of general commercial registry activities

Commercial activities vary with reference to the multiplicity of the activity code in the commercial register, and we will discuss this in the following lines:

Activity Code (900014)

It is one of the symbols that allows the service activity of collecting and transporting construction and demolition waste.

The activity includes the use of vehicles with a specific technology and specialized in collecting large volumes of waste.

Activity Code (749972)

This symbol of the activity that depends on the provision of corporate services, as it includes administrative services in order to support companies and any other affiliated institutions.

Activity Code (17-5190)

This symbol represents the trade in aircraft that depends on the absence of a pilot.

Activity Code (181022)

It is the most prominent activity symbol in the frequently circulated commercial register, which refers to the activity concerned with sewing men's military clothing and uniforms.

It includes sewing shops concerned with tailoring and preparing men's military clothing for all workers in the police and army sectors, in addition to the civil defense and some other military authorities.

Activity Code (930213)

This symbol represents the men's wig installation center.

Activity Code in the Commercial Register (511018)

This symbol represents military companies, as the activity includes local facilities representing foreign companies.

Activity Code (651914)

The symbol represents a business bank, which includes working with establishments that receive deposits of all kinds from all commercial establishments.

Activity Code (453025)

This symbol represents the contracting and installation of central gas networks in buildings.

It depends on the maintenance and installation of central gas systems in buildings.

And also to judge the quality of its performance and ensure the integrity of all its parts.

It includes tanks and extensions, control and monitoring system, packaging and distribution, as well as maintenance to which equipment is subject, with submitting technical reports to the concerned authorities, and providing technical support.

Activity Code (712908)

This symbol represents the rental of solar energy equipment and devices.

The practice of the activity depends on the rental of “photovoltaic” panels, in addition to the various solar energy systems attached to the facades of buildings and the highest ceilings, both commercial and residential.

It also allows dealing through the area directly above the surface of the earth to provide the depleted electric energy and replace it with one of the alternative energy sources.

Activity Code (172110)

That symbol reflects the manufacture of protective equipment as well as sea barriers.

The activity covers the scope of specialized facilities for the processing and preparation of tools that are used for protection in the areas adjacent to the beaches or inside the sea from textile and plastic materials.

In addition to its reliance on preparing tools for locating swimming places, riding buoys and boats, and guidance beacons that define different navigational paths.

Activity Code (930214)

The symbol refers to the establishment of a women’s wig installation center, where the activity includes installation facilities, followed by the implantation of wigs made of natural hair for women.

Types of business activities

Commercial activity represents all transactions that take place through an exchange process and include goods and services in the community, in order to raise economic efficiency at the state level.

So, we learn about the different types of activities, while highlighting the activity code in the commercial register, as follows:

Sole Proprietorship

It is that activity that takes place through the availability of self-efforts for one individual only, without any participation through other individuals.

Where the activity depends on personal finance.

Whereas, the individual based on the project bears all his burdens, and then bears all the results of profit or loss.

Institutional business

One of the types that express the joining of more than two individuals in one activity, in which case the activity is called an institution or a company, where companies vary to take many forms “tourist, civil, commercial, including holding companies, and others.”

  • Joint companies: They are those companies that depend on the partnership system, whether between countries or one of their parties, provided that the capital ratios for all participants are agreed upon in advance.
  • Free Zone Companies: Companies whose headquarters are located in one of the free trade zones, and adopt one of the regulations, whether holding companies or simple partnerships, and perhaps a joint liability company, or those companies with limited liability.
  • Holding companies: They express those companies that adopt the quota system through shares in limited liability companies, and may participate in the establishment of the company, and there are some cases that allow participation in the management of the company.
  • Civil companies: established for civil purposes and includes a group of individuals who have common intellectual competencies and specializations and professions suitable for the purpose of establishing the company.

Conditions for adding an activity to the commercial register

There must be some conditions necessary to add an activity to the commercial register, which we have to show while displaying the activity code in the commercial register, including the following:

  1. Whoever wishes to add an activity to the commercial register must own a commercial store subject to his disposal, provided that it belongs to him.
  2. All commercial establishments must be registered in the commercial registry, and this applies to commercial and civil establishments, including “solidarity companies, partnership companies, and joint stock companies.”
  3. It should be noted that there is no registration for joint venture companies, as they are considered one of the hidden systems for commercial transactions.
  4. It is worth noting that registration in the commercial registry includes all commercial activities of all kinds, whether dealers in distribution or commission, in addition to the registration of institutions that take foreign citizenship, and finally general assemblies.

To this point, we have presented all the details and information that includes the activity code in the commercial register, as it includes codes related to all commercial transactions, including retail and wholesale, home and office supplies, as well as everything related to living necessities to meet the citizen's need.