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Work Online With Monthly Salary 2022

Online work with a monthly salary of 2022 is available in many and varied fields, as working online has become a lot of jobs, which made university youth, housewives and girls accept such jobs in a large way in the recent period, so we will mention some areas through the money makers website In which it is possible to work online, we will also point out the advantages and disadvantages of freelancing, in addition to mentioning some of the guaranteed companies that provide work online.

Work online with monthly salary 2022

In the era of information technology and the development that the Internet has witnessed in the recent period, it has become possible to do a lot of business online, and there are many new areas that can be practiced online to make profit, and we will refer to an online work with a monthly salary of 2022 through the following lines:

  • Working as a content writer or e-content creator.
  • Practicing e-marketing or affiliate marketing online.
  • Work in the field of graphic design or montage.
  • Conducting paid surveys via websites and electronic platforms.
  • Join Google AdSense and earn money with ads.
  • Add videos on Facebook pages.
  • Work in the field of developing applications for smart phone systems such as Android and iOS.
  • Work in the field of transcription, ie converting audio files into written texts.

Fields of working on the Internet from home

In the context of our discussion of working on the Internet with a monthly salary of 2022, we can point out that there are many areas of self-employment that can be worked from home, and you only need the availability of a good Internet and a computer to start earning profits from them, and the most prominent and famous of those areas are the following:

1- The field of translation

Proficiency in a foreign language other than your original language gives you a great opportunity to work in the field of translation. What is meant in the field of translation is the translation of electronic books, the translation of short videos, or even the translation of films, as the demand for translated films and translated foreign books has become large since the end of the twentieth century, so work in The field of translation will guarantee you a very good source of income, in addition to being proficient in more than one language at the same time such as Spanish and English or any other two languages ​​will give you a larger field of work and a larger category of followers, and thus greater profits and gains.

2- Working in the field of dubbing

Dubbing is another means of translation, and it means adding audio, not text, to films or series. The demand for dubbed films and series is much greater than with subtitled ones, as not all people can read. The elderly and children often watch foreign films and series dubbed as it gives them a greater sense Familiarity during follow-up and does not require them to have fast reading skills to be able to follow the translation.

Also, beginning in the field of dubbing on the Internet may provide you with a great opportunity to work with famous TV channels in order to dub foreign series that you intend to show, which will provide you with a better job and more profit.

3- Content writing and text editing.

Writing electronic content means writing articles in any field and publishing it on blogs and websites. Writing content does not require many things. All you have to learn is to write the Arabic language correctly, taking into account that the information you convey is clear and easy to understand, and the information must be correct and not distorted. It is preferable that you add the sources from which the information was extracted in order to gain the confidence of the reader.

Also, the content of the articles that you publish on your site must be not copied from any other site, as the Google server can distinguish the stolen articles from the newly created articles, and you must take into account that you speak in all areas on your site, as the sites specialized in one field are the number of visits Its much less than that says it all.

Also, working in the field of content writing is one of the areas that provide work on the Internet with a monthly salary of 2022 more for women and girls than for men, as it does not require specific working hours or a specific workplace, so it can be practiced from home and at any time in line with the other responsibilities placed on my shoulders woman.

4- Work as a data entry

The field of data entry is very similar to the field of content writing, both of which require high language skills with a good speed of typing on the keyboard, as well as work in this field in publishing and printing houses or in newspapers and newspapers, and it is possible to work in the field of data entry from home. With websites or with researchers and people who cannot write scientific research at a good speed and with the required quality.

Therefore, this field provides work in both types, full-time and part-time, and is available at work in companies and offices or from home via the Internet. One of the best sites that provide work as a data entry from home is the Fiverr website, and you can access it from here .

5- Website Lab

Working as a site tester can be an online work with a monthly salary of 2022. The site laboratory is the person who examines the site and tries it several times to be able to reach the defects and disadvantages that hinder working on it. He also works on knowing the site’s strengths and developing them, in addition to identifying the features that distinguish other sites about this site.

This job is one of the new jobs that have emerged with the development of technology that the world has witnessed in recent times, and large and small companies in various fields have started to request testers for the sites they launch, provided that he has several skills that we will refer to in the following points:

  1. The ability to manage and organize time.
  2. High communication and communication skills.
  3. The ability to plan well to ensure that the work required of him is completed on time.
  4. It also requires the employee to be fully aware of new technologies and technology as well as large websites to be able to determine what must be available on the site to be a distinguished site.
  5. In addition to the importance of the employee being independent and possessing sufficient initiative spirit to manage the work.

6- Work in digital design

Digital design does not mean graphics or graphic design or similar fields only, but digital design includes the design of interfaces and home pages for websites as well as the design of blogs and pages on social networking sites so that the page is in the appropriate form to attract the attention of users and in the appropriate coordination and arrangement to gain the confidence of visitors.

The design is done by Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and other famous programs in the field of design, and we must point out that not many people are able to work on these sites, but it is not difficult to experiment and learn as they do not have difficult and complex systems.

7- Work as a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who provides administrative services to clients over the Internet, and this job requires that the person have extensive experience and knowledge in the field in which you are providing assistance in order to be able to provide assistance properly. The social networking sites of the organization for which he works, in addition to several other tasks that differ according to the field of the institution.

You must determine the price or salary that you will receive in return for performing these tasks, and you must take into account that the price is commensurate with what you will do, and that the salary will increase if new tasks are added than agreed upon, as there are many unscrupulous employers who impose Little pay for doing a lot of work.

8- Doing e-commerce

When we talk about a job on the Internet with a monthly salary of 2022, we cannot do except for e-commerce, which has achieved great and wide popularity in recent times. All you need is good marketing skills and an online store that you display your products on and then market to it through pages on social networking sites to be a base A large number of customers, and the more diversified your products, the greater the number of your customers. You must also take into account that the products are available at good prices and within the reach of everyone's hand so that you can attract the largest possible number of customers.

Advantages of freelancing online

After we talked about work on the Internet with a monthly salary of 2022 and the areas in which it is possible to work online, we will move on to our talk about the advantages of self-employment first. What is free work? The concept of self-employment means independent work without time or spatial restrictions, and independent free work is distinguished from permanent work in companies and writers by several advantages that we will refer to as follows:

  • Online work has a large segment of customers, the customers in those jobs are all who you can talk to over the Internet, regardless of their location and language.
  • Dealing with customers via the Internet contributes to the development of communication skills, dealing with others.
  • Dealing with foreign clients also helps you develop your foreign culture and language.
  • Freelancing provides the freedom to choose where you want to work.
  • Freelancing online also has the advantage of expanding the base of business presentations provided that you have the ability to make a good impression on the clients you have dealt with.
  • Freelancing online provides profits from selling your personal experiences and there are many Internet users who can pay huge amounts for your past experiences and the experiences you have had in the past.
  • One of the most prominent and most important advantages of freelancing online is that it gives a person the opportunity to earn money by practicing his hobbies, as the employee’s love for his job is one of the biggest goals that all human beings seek in their working lives.
  • Freelancing online gives people the opportunity to freely expand their field of work.
  • And of course, the biggest advantage of freelancing online is that it is free, as a person can create a page, website, or online store to practice his business on without incurring any cost.

Disadvantages of freelancing online

We must point out that self-employment via the Internet cannot be taken as a permanent source of income, as self-employment is based on the principle of performing tasks in a specific period of time, and it is one of the types of part-time work that if available today may not be available tomorrow, and after referring to work on the Internet. With a monthly salary of 2022, we will talk about the disadvantages and disadvantages of this work through the following points:

  • Difficulty managing and organizing work time to deliver requests on agreed dates.
  • The employee may not be able to freely create at work as he is obligated to do what the customer says.
  • Also, the customer can refuse to pay if he does not like the work.
  • One of the disadvantages of self-employment is the lack of a suitable place or a quiet and appropriate environment to work in.
  • There are also many fake job applications online that make you work on a specific project and then refuse to pay you.
  • In addition, working online gives an opportunity for fraudsters to exploit the employee to perform a specific task for them and then refuse to pay him or evade payment.
  • Having a large number of clients is one of the advantages and disadvantages of self-employment, as its advantages are obtaining a large income, while its disadvantages are getting a lot of work and not having the right time to receive all those requests.
  • Also, the employee may be late in delivering the requests because of their large number, which will lead to the spread of a bad reputation about him and his position.
  • Working online does not require specific professional experience or a business degree, which is an advantage for workers and a disadvantage for clients and employers.

Best companies to work from home

As we mentioned that one of the disadvantages of working online is that you work for a fraudulent client or an exploiting company, so the employee must choose to work for a good and guaranteed company so that he is not exposed to fraud and fraud. follows:

  • Google's official YouTube website.
  • Alibaba Express Company.
  • Amazon and website.
  • IB Corporation.
  • Microsites for providing services such as: Fiverr website, Independent website, Upwork website, Aktably website and also Fiverr website.
  • Also freelancer sites.