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The best online purchase sites will save a lot of time and effort for people, it is worth noting that after facing the pandemic of the Corona virus, e-shopping has become the main way to buy different products through the Internet, which made there are many websites that seek to provide Continuous offers for users, so we will mention the best online purchase sites, through the money makers website.

The best online shopping sites

There are many websites that allow citizens to shop through them without having to leave the house or wasting a lot of time and effort, or getting infected as a result of being in malls or stores that clearly suffer from overcrowding, so we will show the best online purchase sites through the following paragraphs:

1- Jumia Algeria website

There is no doubt that there is no one who has never heard of Jumia, as this site is classified as one of the best online shopping sites in Algeria, as it includes a wide range of different products and purposes that any one might need. Someone who considers this site an old shopping site as it was first established in 2013 by the Internet Africa Group.

Then it appeared to the light and spread all over the world, and it is worth noting that this site managed, in a very few years, to be one of the leading sites in the field of electronic shopping, which made millions of people flock to shop through it, and benefit from an enjoyable shopping tour on that site. By searching for it in electronic search engines or by clicking here

2- Echrili 's website

This site is classified as one of the important sites in Algeria, which allows all Algerian citizens to buy food products and consumer goods online without the need to go to different outlets, and it is worth noting that this site contains a lot of different products such as spices, fruits, vegetables and other products. Milk plus pasta.

The site also contains all kinds of grains, oils, various cleaning materials and some children's products, and the most important feature of this site is that it allows fast delivery service to homes through different shipping methods that can reach all states of Algeria for simple shipping costs.

Many customers of that site see that the most important thing that distinguishes it is its support for the Arabic language, which would facilitate the shopping process . Goods through page messages by clicking here

3- Dzboom website

Talking about the best online shopping sites in Algeria, Dzboom should not be neglected, as this site is one of the online shopping sites in Algeria that was established in 2015 and during that short period the site was able to achieve multiple successes in the field of e-shopping. Which made it one of the favorite sites for many citizens in Algeria.

This site is characterized by containing a lot of diverse services available at competitive prices, and it is worth noting that this site does not need to suffer in accessing or registering with it, as its simple design suits all groups, in addition to the most important thing that distinguishes it that it fully supports the Arabic language You can access that site and enjoy a pleasant shopping tour by clicking here

4- batolis website

This site is interested in providing an enjoyable shopping tour for all citizens in Algeria, by offering a lot of items such as shoes and clothes of large brands of the highest quality, and therefore shopping through it is considered one of the easiest types of shopping.

This site supports French, English and many other languages, which made shopping through it does not require much difficulty or the need to use translation programs, in addition, the site provides many continuous offers and special discounts, and to buy through that site you can click here

5- boysandgirlsfashion

This site falls under the list of the best online shopping sites in Algeria, and it is worth noting that this site excels in selling all kinds of children's clothing of both sexes, in addition to the fact that the quality of the products purchased through this site is very high, moreover, it contains All sportswear, accessories, shoes and many other items.

The most important thing that distinguishes this site is that it gives competitive prices to all its users, in addition to that it provides the possibility of free shipping to the door of the house in Algeria, and this site enjoys that it deals with large shipping companies that can deliver the order within only two days.

The site offers all customers the possibility of exchange or refund in the event of a defect in the products or facing any problem with the sizes. It is worth noting that the customer service of that site played a great role in its development, as they can respond to all the various inquiries quickly, and they can enter the site and take Take a tour by clicking here

Advantages of online shopping

Online shopping has become the pioneer at that time, as after facing the Corona virus, there has become a necessity to adhere to all precautionary measures, and one of the most important of these measures was not to leave the house, in addition to the fact that the malls were closed, and therefore people turned to electronic shopping, which pleased them later, so we will learn about the most important advantages of online shopping through the following points:

  1. Ease of the comparison process: Online shopping provides an opportunity for all people to compare different goods in terms of shape or prices, in addition to comparing different designs due to the large search circle, unlike traditional shopping that allows a certain number of stores.
  2. Convenience in shopping: Through online shopping, the effort can be greatly saved, due to the fact that there is no need to carry heavy bags or move between stores and waste time, in addition to physical comfort, the psychological comfort that the shopper feels through not dealing with With exploited sellers and reduce inconveniences.
  3. Shopping around the world: There is no doubt that online shopping makes people get all the goods they need from any site in any country located around the world, which seems impossible in the case of traditional shopping.
  4. Seeing the opinions of others: It is possible to get a background on the product by looking at the opinions of the people who have purchased it, which makes the shopper have great confidence in the product before he sees it in person.
  5. Track previous purchases: Some programs allow the shopper to identify the purchases he has previously purchased, as many people may fall into the problem of repeating goods through traditional shopping.
  6. View the available options: The online shopper can see all the options available to him, such as colors and sizes, without having to rely on the seller to know that.
  7. Placing purchase orders in the event that goods are not available: In the event that the goods that are displayed on the site were new goods that were not available in the market or were available and implemented, the buyer can put them in the shopping cart and be shipped to him as soon as they are available on the site, and certainly there is no possibility to do It is through traditional shopping.

Disadvantages of online shopping

Although online shopping has many advantages that made it one of the best types of shopping, it still suffers from some defects that should not be overlooked, as these defects made many people do not prefer to buy through websites, and we will get to know the most famous The disadvantages of online shopping are as follows:

  • Late receipt of goods: Although many websites allow goods to be shipped in a faster time, but this is not compared to the traditional shopping time that takes place during the same day.
  • Shipping problems: Many people have experienced major problems with shipping, as shipping companies may replace an item with another or delay its arrival in unknown circumstances.
  • Exposure to fraud: Many people are exposed to fraud and scams through various websites, as there are many sites that impersonate a famous site and request bank transfers from shoppers and thus look at their accounts and take money for nothing.
  • Not trying merchandise: Many people do not prefer online shopping because the shopper cannot try the item before buying it, and therefore it may not suit the person, and this is the most important thing that distinguishes traditional shopping from online shopping.
  • Providing stores with personal information: There is a drawback facing the online shopper that cannot be ignored, which is that there is a need for the shopper to put his name, e-mail and all his personal data on the site, while traditional shopping does not require exposure to disclosure of personal data.
  • Goods are mismatched: One of the most common problems that many people have faced through the online shopping experience is that the goods displayed on the site do not match the truth, which causes great inconvenience to people, unlike the traditional shopping feature that allows the shopper to try the item See it in person before you buy it.
  • Buying goods at exorbitant prices: Although many sites give customers competitive prices compared to market prices, there are sites that place a tax on clothes or goods sold through the Internet, which makes the price of the goods greater than its real price.
  • Paying the cost of shipping on the goods: The shipping fees that are imposed on the goods are included in the cost of the item, as traditional shopping does not oblige the shopper to pay any additional fees for the item.