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How Many Followers Do You Earn From Youtube?

How to convert views into income on YouTube? In light of the development of the Internet, people can make a lot of profits through it, including YouTube, which is used by millions because it is one of the global sites, so through the Money Makers website, we will talk about how many followers to profit from YouTube?

How many followers to earn from youtube?

YouTube, through which a person can make a lot of profits and improve his income level, which is very popular at the moment, but this is determined according to the number of views and depends largely on the countries in which the content is viewed.

But the user must know that he does not get profits through the number of followers, but this does not mean that something is not important, but rather affects many things, such as the number of views, which is the main factor for achieving profits, but knowing that the account must not be less than 1000 followers in order to be The user is eligible to invest the account and get the profits and the more followers we have, the better.

How many views to earn from youtube?

In the context of talking about the number of followers to profit from YouTube, we note that the main factor for obtaining profits from YouTube is the number of views that the video gets, and that the ads that are added are funded, and this helps the user to achieve more profit. A video with 1 million followers can get almost $1000 and 4 comments should be made for every 100 viewers.

For every 1000 views, the user gets 4 dollars, and the ads that are added to a video with each click of the followers, the owner of the channel gets, so the more viewers the video, the higher the profits.

What are the conditions for monetization on YouTube?

While talking about the number of followers to profit from YouTube, it should be noted that there are many conditions that the user must be aware of in order to be able to achieve profits, and they are represented in the following points:

  • In the beginning, the policies and conditions set by YouTube that help it to achieve profits must be implemented.
  • From the beginning of the creation of the channel until the passage of 12 months, the user must have 4000 watch hours.
  • At the beginning of its creation, the number of followers must not be less than 1000 subscribers.
  • The ads that interest the viewers and that are of short duration can be selected and added to the videos, through which the user can earn extra money.
  • The user must have an Adsense account because it helps him greatly to generate revenue and publish his channel.

What is Google Adsense ?

It is a popular program through which the user can advertise his channel and the products he offers. It also allows the user to display the funded ads on his YouTube channel. In return, the user gets a commission. The registration page can be accessed from here and enjoys many advantages, including: following:

  1. User gets paid by viewers clicks on ads.
  2. Google Adsense is affiliated with the global company Google, so the profit that the user obtains is reliable and safe, and it is also one of the main factors for Google's revenue and through it billions of dollars are obtained.
  3. The payment of any financial fees does not participate because it is free for the owner of the platform and the advertisers, so you can enjoy all the advantages that it offers easily because it is not required to own a site.
  4. The program is an intermediary between the advertiser who wants to promote his products and the owner of the channel who displays the advertisement on its videos.
  5. The owner of the YouTube channel can get 68% of the revenue and the rest gets it from Google Adsense.

Factors that determine the level of profit from YouTube

In light of the talk about the number of followers to profit from YouTube, we find that there are many factors that contribute significantly to obtaining profits from YouTube by a large percentage, and they came as follows:

  1. In the beginning, it should be noted that the views come from different countries, so this differs from one country to another. For example, watching the video from America is different from Egypt because the American citizen has a great purchasing power, and this greatly helps to achieve a greater profit.
  2. When followers watch the video that is shown on the channel to the end without getting bored and get out of it, this helps greatly to have an opportunity to display the famous ads that attract followers and that the owner of the channel benefits from, but in the case of watching the video to the beginning or middle of that in that case it happens on a little profit.
  3. The idea of ​​the video should be different and presented correctly and distinctly in order to attract viewers and ad owners at the same time, especially those that are expensive because this helps the platform owner to make a better profit.
  4. One of the important things that followers care about greatly is the quality of the video, so the higher the quality of the video you display on your YouTube platform, the more profit you get.
  5. It is preferable for the owner of the platform to promote his YouTube channel because it is one of the important things that helps to get more views and thus increase the value of profits.

What are the ways to make money from YouTube?

The owners of famous YouTube channels do not rely only on YouTube ads to make profits, but there are many other ways that they rely heavily on them, which are as follows:

  • When the owner of the platform displays an advertisement for a distinctive brand, he can get a lot of money, especially if the number of followers is high and he gets millions of views, which helps the desire of famous brands to display their ads on his platform for a high commission.
  • One of the famous ways that helps to achieve and earn as much as possible from YouTube is commission marketing, through which the owner of the platform allows marketing for some products, and with every purchase that occurs, the owner of the platform receives a commission through a URL linked to your account, such as the Amazon program, and the commission starts with a percentage 4%, the owner of the platform only has to create a video asking followers to click on his link so that they get special offers and get a commission for any purchase that occurs.
  • He can profit by selling his own merchandise on the YouTube platform, but for this idea to succeed and he gets a lot of money, he has to have a large fan base who wants to buy its products.
  • If the owner of the platform is successful in a particular business, he can make a large profit by offering his advice and services that he is distinguished in and attract followers greatly. This helps to achieve a large financial profit, and over time he can provide this advice for a sum of money so that the viewer can enjoy it.
  • The owner of the platform can request to collect donations from viewers in the event that they want to implement a specific project or develop the channel’s content, and many channel owners do this.

How Much Do Youtubers Earn?

To continue talking about the number of followers to profit from YouTube, it becomes clear that at the present time there are many platform owners who have achieved wide fame and receive millions of dollars for their videos, so we will show you some examples of the owners of famous channels and they are clarified as follows:

  • Jeffree star makes many videos related to makeup and puts it professionally, and that attracts viewers greatly, as he achieves 1.5 billion views and the value of the profits he gets is up to 18 million dollars in YouTube revenue.
  • Jake Paul started creating YouTube clips at the age of 16 and creates unique videos with a viewership rate of 6.39 and a profit of about $51.5 million.
  • Rayan is 7 years old, where he creates many videos about games and reviews them with her family members, and the viewership on his videos reaches 34.8 billion, making him about 22 million dollars in YouTube revenue.
  • Dude perfect A group of people who create multiple videos and managed to get 7 billion views, making them earn up to $ 20 million.

Why is profit from YouTube an exceptional opportunity?

Following the talk about the number of followers to profit from YouTube, we note that the YouTube platform is of great importance at the present time for everyone and has become permanently indispensable, so it is an exceptional opportunity for all people to make a financial profit by improving their income level through the following:

  • People can express their opinions and display things they are skilled in and some ideas that followers need in a distinctive and simple way.
  • YouTube currently attracts about billions of people.
  • At the present time, the Internet has become of great importance and can never be dispensed with, so people resort to it to search for the information they want, and the YouTube platform provides all that.
  • YouTube helps users turn their talent and passion into a way to make money and improve their social status.
  • YouTube operates on a profit-sharing system, so this is a strong incentive for platform owners to create videos professionally so that they get the largest amount of profits because it is a reliable platform and it also honors people who get high views and sends them a distinctive shield.

How to create a YouTube channel

Following the talk about the number of followers to profit from YouTube, we note that many people want to know how to create a YouTube channel, and this can be done by following the following steps:

  • At first, the YouTube platform is entered from here .
  • After that, click on SIGN IN, which appears on the page from the top.
  • The user enters his email to be able to log in to YouTube.
  • After that, click on the profile picture that appears at the top of the page, and click on your channel icon from the menu that appears at the top.
  • The user starts by modifying the first and last name which will be the channel name.
  • In the end, click on the icon that appears in blue, which is to create a channel.

Important tips for making money from YouTube

In light of the talk about the number of followers to profit from YouTube, there are many important tips that greatly help the owner of the platform to maintain the success of the channel and achieve more profits, and they are mentioned as follows:

  • The content that the viewer provides is always in progress and also the variety is preferred so that the viewers do not get bored.
  • The quality of the videos must be high, in addition to the audio, it must be clear and not have any defects, so it is preferable to be careful to use high techniques so that the video is created professionally.
  • Viewers and followers love a lot for the owner of the platform to interact with them because it makes them feel that a humble and special person is so that this can be done by responding to the comments or messages that come from them, whether positive or negative.
  • The owner of the channel must remain committed and continue to create videos and display them on the YouTube channel, and in the case of writing a written text on the videos, the text must be written correctly and accurately for viewers.
  • The message that is presented in the video content should be clear to the viewers and not ambiguous. It is preferable that the channel is specialized in a particular character, mainly that it is known and distinguished.
  • Newbies should promote and advertise on their channel in social media platforms because it helps people to know about it.