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What is Imkan Finance? What are the terms of IMKAN financing? In the previous period, Saudi Arabia set many goals, which have a well-studied and clear plan to achieve. We found that Saudi Arabia began to advance in various fields, and among the apparent developments is helping the people of the country to rise by providing them with funds, as Al Rajhi Bank did in establishing the Imkan platform, and now we will know To answer the question: What is Imkan Finance? Through the Money Makers website .

What is Imkan Finance ?

Saudi Arabia has new goals to advance the country at the economic level, so a website has been created responsible for providing some projects with the funds necessary to complete their projects through the Imkan platform, and it also participates in businesses that have small or medium capital.

It supports persons of Saudi nationality or immigrants to Saudi Arabia in order to work, and also provides for some people to earn money by participating in some new projects, without paying money in exchange for providing projects for them to enter.

The company is working greatly on opening horizons to earn money through the Internet, and it also helps to increase creativity in the homeland, so that anyone can work in the field they love by requesting money from the platform.

As people for many years have been forced to work in professions that they do not like only because of the lack of money to work in the field they prefer, and the people have increased knowledge of how to set goals and plan in order to reach them, and how to take responsibility for an entire work and pay attention to its smallest details.

This may be a great start for the person to be responsible for the huge investment business, and this electronic platform is affiliated with all the rules and standards of Saudi Arabia in trade, and it also contains a group of people specialized in the fields of business administration, economic and creative fields.

Emkan platform features

In the context of answering the question What is Imkan Finance? We will learn about the things that make the Imkan platform one of the best money supply companies, which are as follows:

  • People can take part in different projects of other people for a portion of the profits, so the person does not need to make the effort to get the money.
  • All works offered by the platform to be subscribed to are distinguished by credit documents, and documents that obligate the platform to take care of the right of the individual subscriber.
  • The process of searching for reliable projects to profit from by subscribing to them with a certain amount is cumbersome and requires a lot of time and effort, but this platform provides it by filling in some information on the platform.
  • The businesses that you can subscribe to are not specific to a specific region in Saudi Arabia, but rather they provide businesses everywhere in Saudi Arabia.
  • Participation in various projects lies in any amount, whether small or large.
  • Within only ninety days, all the people involved in the project know the percentage of profits that they will receive monthly or annually, and this is in the case of the success of the project idea, and if it does not succeed, the individual recovers the amount paid.
  • It also provides the person with different types of projects that he can participate in, in order to reduce the amount of losses that the individual may suffer if the project is exposed to a crisis, and it is preferable that the person research carefully about the joint project in all respects before handing over the money.

Emkan Financing Terms

There are some items that must be met by the person applying for funds from the platform, which we will talk about in the context of answering the question What is Imkan Finance? They are the following points:

  • That the person is a worker in government jobs, private companies, or in the sector responsible for maintaining security in the country.
  • The monthly income of the individual must be two thousand coins if he is still working in his job, or 1900 coins if he is over the age for doing this job.
  • The person's age should be between twenty and sixty.
  • The individual must have a record confirming that he is making the money he takes from some companies, and that he does not tolerate in paying it.

Register on the Emkan platform

It is possible to subscribe to the platform through a set of simple procedures, which we will learn about in light of the answer to the question: What is Imkan Finance? Which appears in the following lines:

  1. Download the program for your mobile phone from here .
  2. Open the program and choose the language.
  3. Writing the personal card number containing the social information of the individual, or the document indicating residence in Saudi Arabia in the case of applying through non-Saudi persons of origin.
  4. Enter your mobile number and email address.
  5. Acknowledgment that the person is over twenty years old.
  6. Agree to the terms of the site.
  7. Sending a message to the mobile phone containing a confirmation number, to be written on the site.
  8. The Absher verification code is written.
  9. Then a secret code is entered, and typed again to confirm.
  10. 10. Click on login.

How to get financing from Imkan

We also mentioned that this platform has many advantages that make it one of the best organizations that can be dealt with, and now let's know how to benefit from it to obtain funds, through the following steps:

  • The program is opened on the mobile phone.
  • Click on Sign in.
  • Writing the sequence of the personal card containing the social information of the individual, or the sequence of the document that shows that the person is of non-Saudi origin but stays and works in Saudi Arabia.
  • Enter the secret code.
  • Click Next.
  • Go to the account window.
  • Click to apply now.
  • After that, a set of important data is written, which is the purpose of obtaining funds, whether the person is married or single, the number of people who make up his family, the type of place in which he resides, and his professional status.
  • Click Save.
  • The place in which the person works is clarified, whether it is affiliated with the state, or whether it is a private company, and the title of the body he works for, the date of its establishment, and whether the person works for the special body for maintaining security in the country is written.
  • Click Save.
  • Determine the amount of money a person needs per month, wages to be paid to working people, food and beverage expenses, money for education, health benefits, and money paid for insurance.
  • The individual states if he has other installments to pay in the month or not.
  • Clicking Save.
  • It will see all the data entered by the person, he must check it carefully to detect an error and change it, and then click OK.
  • After that, it will be clear what money the person will get, how much he will have to pay every thirty days, and the rate of the percentage every twelve months.

Types of Financing Provided by Emkan Company

There are two types of funds provided by the platform, which we will learn about in the context of answering the question What is Imkan Finance? Through the following:

  • Microfinance: It is the provision of money required by workers in state agencies, private agencies, or those responsible for maintaining security in the country.
  • Additional financing: It consists in obtaining money, but in the case of obtaining it in advance by a bank, a set of items must be available, namely that the person is of original origin from Saudi Arabia, and that his monthly income is more than seven thousand currencies.