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Global Stock Exchange Opening Times, GMT

The opening dates of the global stock exchanges are in Greenwich Mean Time, in which every stock exchange differs from the other. At that time, trading prices can change and fall and investors will lose, so we will learn about those dates through money makers.

Global stock exchange opening times, GMT

Many investors are interested in knowing the opening times of global stock exchanges in Greenwich Mean Time in order to know the appropriate trading times, invest in currencies and reap profits, as each stock exchange in different countries has a specific timing in which it opens, and the following is a presentation of these times for each country separately:

  • The stock exchange in European countries : it opens at eight in the morning and closes at five in the evening.
  • The Australian Stock Exchange: opens at 10 pm and closes at 7 am.
  • The stock exchange in the American countries: it opens at one in the evening and closes at ten in the evening.
  • The stock exchange in Asian countries: it opens at midnight and closes at nine in the morning.

What are the most liquid exchanges in the forex market?

In the context of identifying the opening dates of the global stock exchanges in Greenwich Mean Time, we will now learn about the most liquid exchanges in the forex market in terms of times and periods, where European countries come at the top of the list, followed by the American countries. As for the most liquid timing, of course, the timing in which these two countries meet together Which is from one in the evening until five in the evening.

Why do stock exchanges have different trading hours?

As we mentioned, each country has a different trading period from the other and this comes due to the facilitation of trading operations for investors, whether at the local or international level, as in this way that each exchange operates on different dates from the other makes liquidity more than working all on one dates.

Knowing that the trader who makes deals outside the trading opening hours may expose himself to a loss because when the stock exchange opens, it puts this deal on the waiting list until the prices of each deal appear separately, so the trader loses because the price at which the deal was contracted may change within one hour.

What is the largest stock exchange in the world?

After we mentioned the opening dates of global stock exchanges in Greenwich Mean Time, the largest stock exchange in the world is the New York Stock Exchange in the American countries. In 2021, its market value was about 24.5 trillion US dollars, followed by the New York Stock Exchange in market value, the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

What stock exchange opens first?

The exchanges closest to the Greenwich line are the ones that open first, with the New Zealand Stock Exchange at the top of the list, then the Sydney Stock Exchange in Australia, then the Tokyo Stock Exchange in Japan, then Hong Kong, then Singapore, then Mumbai in India, and finally the Moscow Stock Exchange.

How to trade in the stock market

We have touched upon knowing the opening times of the global stock exchanges in Greenwich Mean Time. We will now discuss how to invest in the stock exchange in the field of stocks, as the first step you must follow is to choose a suitable broker for trading that gives you the advantages of trading without experiencing a loss in the beginning, knowing that the stock market is potentially gain and loss.

1- Choosing a suitable platform for online trading

In the event that you are a beginner in the trading market, this company helps you a lot to achieve profits at the beginning instead of entering alone in this world that needs intense experience and professionalism so that you are not exposed to trading risks, as the gain is achieved when you buy shares at low prices on the trading platforms and wait So that the share price rises, and the appropriate deals are made with customers and profit.

You can also trade in anything that exists in the world such as oil, which is one of the most important materials that investors trade in because it achieves great profits because the price of oil drops once, then a few days pass and it rises at fantastic prices and keeps rising day after day, for example, who made deals in Selling oil on the first day the price rose made more profit than those who sold oil on the second day the price of oil rose, but it should be noted that this is not a rule in the trading market.

If you want to enter the world of trading and make profits in any materials you want, you are not restricted to creating a trading account on a particular stock exchange or according to the country in which you live, where you can register an account on any stock exchange in the world and deal with foreign investors and make money in the currency that brings you satisfactory profits.

In order to be able to create an account for trading through a broker, it must be noted that the minimum account creation is $25, in addition to the fees you pay for each share, as these fees per share start from the first $0.02, and the transaction fees for shares are one dollar.

2- Stock Trading Strategy

We have talked about the opening dates of the global stock exchanges in GMT. We will now talk about the stock trading strategy. These strategies help you analyze the forex market and understand all the tools and data that this market moves in so that you can determine the losses and losses that you are exposed to and get out of the least losses, the professional trader two ways In the analysis we mention them in the following points:

  1. Technical analysis: In this method, he analyzes trading prices and what gains he gets if the stock price rises, and what risks he may face in the event of a loss. He does this analysis through the chart that shows the movement of prices and the entire trading indicators.
  2. Fundamental Analysis: Here the trader studies the economy market in general and the company through which he trades in terms of sales, profits of each share, the products it deals with, as well as operating profits, and all these data that enable the trader to know whether this company makes more profits for him or not.

Tips for beginners in stock trading

We offer you several important tips in the field of stock trading that help beginners in this field to understand the trading market, trading tools, and everything related to the forex market in general so as not to be exposed to continuous losses. These tips are as follows:

  • You must be aware of the big difference between the investor in the trading market and the trader himself, as the investor is permanently present in the stock exchange and can keep his money and not make deals for a long time, while the trader buys and sells deals within days or even hours.
  • Make a comparison between the different trading platforms and know the advantages and disadvantages of each platform so that you can choose the right trading platform for you that brings you profits and does not expose you to a huge loss while you are at the beginning.
  • You must be familiar enough with the trading market, how prices move, trading tools, the appropriate timing for making deals, and all these things are the basics that must be learned before entering this world so that you do not get scammed from some trading platforms or lose.
  • Use the stop loss option in all the trades you make so that you do not suffer a big loss, and this is by following the screen that displays prices all the time.
  • Be as calm as possible in the event of a drop in the share price so as not to make wrong decisions that expose you to a greater loss and regret it later. Here, the reason for the loss must be considered. Was the intermediary company responsible for this or is it a cause in the stock exchange itself and the trading market? Being aware of the gain and loss in this area will help you get through this stage safely.
  • Always learn from the mistakes you make in this field and be with the professionals and take advice from them so that you have enough experience and many skills that you can then achieve many gains for small losses.
  • Do not start with large amounts at first, but be in the safety zone and start with a small amount until you understand this area well and do not let your emotions control you when you lose, but use your mind to make the right decisions.